Fast Track Remodeling, LLC BBB Business Review

Jennifer Cohen Topscher‎

"My experience with Fast Track Remodeling was far and away the best experience I have ever had with a contractor since I started in real estate, and I just wanted to share it! From the beginning to the end, they were extremely responsive to our needs. Elijah did a thorough job estimating exactly what our costs were going to be. We had rehab property where there were a lot of unknowns, but the work Elijah put into the estimate before Fast Track even started the job meant that we stayed very close to the initial budget.

When the work started, they truly lived up to their company name. It was done so quickly, but in a very organized, detail oriented manner from beginning to end. Jeff communicated with us frequently and professionally throughout the project so we always knew what was going on, but the best part about this was how “turnkey” the experience was. As an investor from out of town, this aspect of Fast Track’s service was invaluable! To have a contractor who thinks like an investor makes all the difference, and you can truly see it in the finished product.

When my realtor walked in the door at the final walk-through, she looked around in stunned amazement and kept repeating, “Wow!” I couldn’t agree more, and that’s exactly what our cash buyer said too. I would recommend Fast Track Remodeling to my investor friends in a heartbeat, and I never want to do another remodel without them!"

Paul Roman

"FastTrack was professional, transparent, and reliable on my first project which was a messy rehab on an old house in Texas City. I really appreciate that even after the initial 2 hr walkthrough and subsequent bid, Elijah came out again for another 2 hr visit to clarify the estimate and worked with me to get the scope of work and cost aligned with my objective for the deal.

He had great recommendations along the way on how to get the best investment results. Jeff kept me informed as the work got going, and the result was no surprises and a high quality job. All the prospective tenants who toured the property raved about how great it looks and I just leased it."

Chris Moore

"My name is Chris Moore and I work for Noble Mortgage. As a direct hard money lender in Houston, we deal with many companies and contractors for these type of projects on a daily basis. I chose Fast Track for my personal project based on my customers comments and I couldn't be more happy.

I met Michael out there for initial bid and consultation and Jeff out there for final walk through. These guys are 100% turn key, the quality of work was excellent and they completed the project in less than three weeks and that was over the Christmas/New Years holiday. I would highly recommend these guys.

In fact, their process was so painless that I fully intend on using them on my next project as well. Follow up less than a week later. My appraiser said I would get around 148k for the property once rehabbed. My agent viewed the property and was highly impressed with the quality of the work done by Fast Track. We listed for 185k and we have received 2 full price offers on the first day on the market."

Jeff Gorley

"I hired Fast Track to do a medium sized rehab for us with a new HVAC unit. The job was properly quoted, started on time and finished one day early. Everything was completed without any issues. When they ran into a few unexpected items they called to confirm before moving forward.

A few weeks after the rehab the tenant had an HVAC issue and Fast Track quickly resolved the issue. I will use them again and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a GC without any issues."

Jeff Skains

"FastTrack has done a number of jobs for me. I appreciate that they are honest and diligent to ensure the job is completed correctly. The bids are very detailed and you typically get the bid shortly after the initial walk through which is a huge plus as many contractors can take days or even up to a week to get a bid to you. When they start a job, they hit it running and don’t stop until they are done. Every time I have stopped by a job once it has started there are always people there working… not true for all other vendors.

My FAVORITE part of doing business with Fast Track is that I can hand the job over to them and not have to babysit the job to make sure the work gets done in a timely manner and with high quality. They get in, get it done, and get out of your way so you can sell or lease the property. TRULY A NO HASSLE CONTRACTOR that you can TRUST!"

Scott Ingram

"We have now used FastTrack on two full rehab jobs this year and they have done an excellent job on both. I find them responsive to my needs, quick to respond and thorough in their work. Changes during the rehab are handled professionally and without issue – very flexible. They were also willing to do the small extra tasks without nickel and dimeing me.

I have also used FastTrack for HVAC on a few houses purchased this year and they came through with estimates I can afford – they do not recommend more than what is needed. I have never had to call them out a second time to fix their work. I will continue to use FastTrack and recommend them highly. Job Well Done!"

Massimo Ongaro

"Fast Track Remodeling and Roofing LLC really did a SUPERIOR job. I was very impressed with the final product. The initial meeting was very fast and the bid was in my email inbox within MINUTES!!! I was very impressed. The job was started within days and was finished before the scheduled completion date.

I am a very meticulous person and I really tried to find things that were not done right but I just could not. Tom and Jeff were really easy to work with and very flexible. They actually took care of 2 different properties at the same time for me. A+++ on house 1 and A+++ on house 2!!! I recommend them to anybody and I WILL use them for my next house, hopefully soon!!! Thank you Fast Track!"

Robert Hammond

"Fast Track rehabbed my newly acquired rental home. Tenant moved in and found some things wrong, which usually happens, (because living in a place and using all the systems, people tend to uncover things that aren’t so easy to find). So, we immediately lined up a contractor to handle the items.

We contacted Fast Track to see if any of the items were in the original scope, and some were. Jeff at Fast Track asked us to tell them how much the repairs were and that they would reimburse us, and they did, promptly. They also took care of a remaining item. High level of integrity."